Candidates’ Video Debate


In our work to create Responsive Government through People Powered Media, Progressive Source Communications has developed and implemented the unique Candidates’ Video Debate platform. This image is taken from the actual Congressional debate for the 2nd District race in California, recorded on October 4, 2011.

Cadidate Talk

It is a simple WordPress theme designed for quickly viewing each candidate’s direct response to each specific question during a political debate.  Until now, when voters are lucky enough to have their local debates available on video, they have to watch a few hours to hear the questions, and answers, from the candidates that most interest them. This simple platform requires a hosting group to upload each response as a separate video. But once embedded on the Candidates Video Debate page, voters can hone in on, and share, those responses that interest them the most.  What’s more, after an election, voters can recall what a politician stated while running for office, and compare that to his or her actual voting record. And if a candidate is excluded by other candidates in debates because they are not the choice of mainstream political Party establishments, a democratically-focused hosting organization can add the excluded candidates responses to the video debate of those who were permitted to participate.

Click here to access the Candidates’ Video Debate website. 

A core mission of Progressive Source is to create tools and websites to empower  non-corporate “people-powered” media, intended to increase accountability, transparency, and  responsiveness in government.

The Candidates’ Video Debate platform is inexpensively available for civic groups and local governments to license and use.