Stonyfield Farm Shift ShoutOut! Video Contest

As part of Stonyfield Farm’s 10 percent “profits for the planet” effort, Progressive Source Communications created and managed the Shift ShoutOut! video contest.

The contest, a video soapbox empowering students to offer their solutions to the climate change crisis, was the Web’s most extensive environment-related interactive video contest. The students were asked to appear in videos providing an answer to the question: How would you solve the climate change crisis?

Some 400 one-minute videos were collected on 20 campuses across the country, alongside the Campus Consciousness “green tour” of the rock band Guster. Progressive Source marketed the contest through Facebook, and hired local students to assist our professional videographer, who collected the videos while traveling on the green tour’s biodiesel bus.

Progressive Source designed and scripted the Shift ShoutOut! contest and website, and also converted and uploaded hundreds of videos onto YouTube, collected from nearly 500 students. Thousands of people voted for the videos and thousands more viewed them on YouTube. At the contest’s end, two $5,000 prizes were awarded.