Evolutionary Media Advocacy is a simple but radical transformation of the way people receive information, from a money driven system controlled by a half dozen corporate media gatekeepers and their advertisers, to a decentralized people-powered system that uses social media to advance a meritocracy of ideas and solutions.  

Progressive Source combines the best practices of social media marketing with lessons and tactics gained through decades of grassroots organizing experience . Our evolutionary media advocacy strategy leverages free or low cost digital media, in the form of YouTube videos, online petitions and microsites, to build widespread awareness of urgently needed public interest solutions.

 Progressive Source was founded in 2007 with a commitment to helping underfunded grassroots public interest efforts have a major impact by being the media instead of begging for media. Our goal is to help build a better informed democracy and co-create more transparent, responsive and accountable government at every level. 

Successful evolutionary media campaigns that we have helped market and create narratives for during 2022 include:

The Campaign to Stop Permit Sonoma Evictions from Safe Affordable Alternative Housing
Progressive Source Video Campaign Helps to Pass Maui Charter Amendment 12
Video Advocacy Campaign Helps Defeat Davis Mega-Development Ballot Measure

Other successful campaigns include:

Campaign to Free Lakota Foster Children
InformYourVote.org Democratizing Media Platform
Campaign to Stop the Monsanto Doctrine
Campaign to Restore Library Hours
Stop Incarcerating Parents of Victimless Marijuana Crimes