Democratizing Media Platform’s mission is to transform the way voters get information about candidates by creating a social media driven fairness doctrine for the digital age. Using social media and targeted marketing, Progressive Source helped the website increase its impact and reach more people.

In the months leading up to June 21, 2021, partnered with the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute to host a debate for New York City’s mayoral election. Progressive Source implemented an innovative marketing strategy for and BALI that attracted the largest viewing audience of any online voter resource for the New York City mayoral primary election. More than 320,000 of their short candidate response videos were viewed on’s YouTube page by over 150,000 New Yorkers. Over 90% of this traffic was generated by Progressice Source’s marketing strategy..

Using’s innovative web video format, citizens can access and share, on social networks, short videos of candidates answering the questions that they care most about. By electing candidates with the most popular positions instead of the most money, we can reduce the influence that misinformation and paid advertising have on our elections. creates and presents candidate debates in a standardized format that provides unique transparency. Each candidate is recorded answering the same locally crowd-sourced questions for the same amount of time. Each answer to each question is presented on the web in an easy to access separate YouTube-hosted video and presented on a page of all candidates answering each question. This makes it easy to compare candidates and share their pundit free videos.

Starting with the early 2020 congressional primaries, used their format to deploy two dozen video debates nationwide, working with local partners including the Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young debates, and Indiana Town Halls.

Through reimagining and standardizing debates, seeks to create lasting and fundamental change to improve the electoral information ecosystem, counter disinformation, and reduce the influence that money has in politics.