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Pennsylvanians Voting In Person is Best Way to Stop Trump’s Election Theft Plan

The best kept secret in the electoral struggle for the battleground state of Pennsylvania is that voters who have requested mail-in ballots can easily...

Poll workers needed across the country

By: John Giovanni Pierni and Sam Haut A new Supreme Court ruling lets the votes in Pennsylvania be counted up to three days after polls...

#Dumbkirk & the Benefits of Ridiculing Trumpsters

From #Sinking to “woman & klansmen first!,” failed boat parade lifts the opposition tide. After four years of bottomless hypocrisy, insults and over 20,000...

Trump’s Attack on Biden’s Faith Echoes Norman Peale’s Anti-Catholic Campaign Against Kennedy

Last week, Trump decided to double down on his campaign to attack Biden’s religious faith, spreading the lie that Democrats refused to say the...

Video: 12 Indicators That Trump Would Create a Fascist Dictatorship in His Second Term   12 INDICATORS THAT TRUMP WOULD CREATE A FASCIST DICTATORSHIP IN HIS SECOND TERM Narrator: With just one more supreme court appointment, which is inevitable during...

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