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Linda Barbara

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Progressive Source Video Campaign Help’s to Pass Maui Charter Amendment 12

https://youtu.be/yBxW6Pm34mM With the historic November 2022 passage of Charter Amendment 12, establishing the East Maui Community Water Authority, there is hope, for the first time in...

Progressive Source Creates Air Pollution series for California Air Resources Board

In 2022 Progressive Source was contracted by the Air Quality Research Center, based at the University of California, Davis, to produce a video series...

The Portola Regional Wood Stove Change Out Campaign

Progressive Source designed and managed an outreach and marketing campaign for the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District (NSAQMD). We created the campaign to...

Video Advocacy Campaign Helps Defeat Davis Mega-Development Ballot Measure

In the Summer of 2022, Progressive Source participated in an effort to stop a farm destroying  multi-billion dollar development project in the City of...

Pennsylvanians Voting In Person is Best Way to Stop Trump’s Election Theft Plan

The best kept secret in the electoral struggle for the battleground state of Pennsylvania is that voters who have requested mail-in ballots can easily...

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