Reincarnating the Esoteric Works of MBM for the Web


May Benzenberg Mayer (“MBM”) was an esoteric teacher and philosopher who drew from various mystic traditions and her mentor, Carl Jung.  In the 1930s, she opened a school in NewYork and published a series of monographs and newsletters that were influential in her time.

Reincarnating the Esoteric Works of MBM for the Web

Over the years, very little of MBM’s work survived, and not a word of it was available on the Internet.  A Progressive Source client whose life was influenced by her work commissioned Progressive Source to locate the sole surviving copies of her books at the NYPL and to scan and digitize the rare newsletters which he maintained, for many decades, in his private collections. Progressive Source recreated her work on a WordPress website we created at

Now, for the first time, MBM’s work is accessible, for free, to anyone who searches for it, anywhere in the world, at any time.