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Rx for California 2016 Marijuana Legalization


(This article first appeared in the Bohemian). The Emerald Cup’s 2016 marijuana legalization panel last weekend may have been in the only hall of the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds not smelling of skunkweed, but there was still plenty of buzz among the half-dozen speakers. For the first time, competitive factions of […]

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Sonoma West’s Relentless Vendetta to Stop Dan Smith from Re-Opening Palm Drive Hospital


(This article first appeared on Waccobb). As noted earlier, the latest issue of the Sonoma West contains an unusual lead article for a weekly local newspaper that ostensibly supports the interest of the community it serves. The front page article titled, “Sparks Fly around hospital’s major benefactor,” is newspaper publisher […]

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Behind Palm Drive Hospital’s Closing Part II: Wells Fargo Bank & the Shutdown Playbook


(This article first appeared on WaccoBB).   The decision last month by Palm Drive’s Board of Directors to reject the doctor-led Foundation Plan that would have kept the hospital open was the moment of truth in the contentious struggle to retain a life-saving emergency room open in West Sonoma County. […]

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Palm Drive’s Lawyers Say That The Public Does Not Want to Re-Open the Emergency Room

(This article first appeared on It was nearly noon on Friday, May 16, when Tom Harlan, Palm Drive Hospital’s beleaguered CEO, rushed past me in the hall outside the federal bankruptcy courtroom in Santa Rosa looking like a man who had just seen a ghost. Two attorneys being paid […]

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Tougher Tactics Desperately Needed to Win War on GMO Food


(This article first appeared in the Huffington Post).   As I listened to the ads from the ill-fated campaign to label genetically modified food in Washington, I felt a sickening case of déjà vu. About a year ago, I wrote a controversial article for the Huffington Post, titled “Ten Grassroots Lessons From […]

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Epic Local Government Failure Results in Closed Libraries


(This article first appeared in the Bohemian). Dr. Carmen Finley, a retired research scientist and genealogist, still remembers the “Juvenile Hall” of the Santa Rosa public library. During the 1930s, her mother worked at a shop near the library, dropping her off every day before work. “I have such fond […]

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Shame of Sonoma County: Supervisors Fund Escalation of War on Marijuana Instead of Libraries


(This column first appeared as a Guest Commentary in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on June 12, 2013). Since August 2011, my two young children, along with hundreds of thousands of Sonoma County residents, have been deprived of the use of our public libraries on Mondays and evenings. A decline […]

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Ten Grassroots Lessons From Monsanto’s Swift-Boating of Prop 37 to Label GMO’s In California

Prop 37 image

(This post first appeared in the Huffington Post on November 11, 2012). The populist campaign to label genetically modified food has been successfully swift-boated by Monsanto and the largest pesticide and junk food companies on earth. Our consumer movement made the costly mistake of arming itself with peace signs and […]

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